Monday, January 9, 2012

Thank GOD for "Vianca Mercedes Collection"

Thank GOD for "Vianca Mercedes Collection." If it was not for handcrafting jewelry. I would have gone crazy. When I had my second surgery due to Ovarian Stump Tumors. I needed to do something to keep me in a positive state of mind. During my recovery I couldn't do much but lay on the couch, rest, read, and watch TV. One day I was so bored that I started watching videos on YouTube on jewelry making. One video led to another, another, and so on. I became so obsessed that I would wake up so excited every morning at 6:30 am and go to sleep pass midnight (taking naps in between of course.) Researching and doing my homework on how to make jewelry. I  purchased my starter kit online and the rest is history. I started out learning how to make hoops out of wires, wire wrapping, and messing around with my wire jig kit. I remember taking me forever to make just one pair of earrings. I was never stress or frustrated or mad at the fact that it took me forever. Is not like I had anything else to do. I couldn't walk because I had 37 staples from above my navel down to my pelvis. So being online all day learning the art of  handcrafting jewelry was my escape from my own reality. Instead of thinking about cancer. I was thinking about how I was going to make my latest pieces of jewelry. I'm happy to say that I never got depressed or felt self-pity. I was just so happy I had a outlet were I was able to escape and express myself. Making jewelry at first was just a form of healing that became more then I expected. It became my sanctuary, my "Vianca Mercedes Collection."

  My first design that I learn how to make .

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