Monday, April 9, 2012

Affordable Oversized and Cat Eye Sunglasses

Happy Monday!!!! Hope you all had a great holiday weekend with friends, loved ones and family; boozed, ate, laugh, catched up and had a grrrrreat time :-)
So, lets talk about sunglasses, shall we. Since I was in my teens I have always been obssesed with sunglasses. But not just any style of sunglasses. They had to be oversized or cat eye sunnies. This was way before Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton started to rock them. I will never forget my 17th birthday when my much older cousin gave me a pair of  Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis vintage inspired black sunglasses. OMG!!! I died and went to sunglasses heaven lol lol lol...

So here are a few affordable fashionable oversized and cat eye sunglasses

By: Triple Optic

                                                               By: Triple Optic

Carrie Sunglasses, named after legendary
fashion editor Carrie Donovan

                            Michael Kors, Marrackech Women's Oversize Sunglasses

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